Chasing Dharma….

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Or is it chasing me?

Dharma seems to a fitting first blog post as a result of my renewed fervor for catapulting my Yoga and Health Coaching career further. Dharma is most commonly known as your purpose in this lifetime. What keeps me  thinking about Dharma is how do you know if you are following your Dharma?

Then I found this idea on Dharma: it is the intrinsic nature of a thing, so to put simply (and to quote Urban Dictionary), the intrinsic nature of sugar is to be sweet and if it’s not sweet, well then, there’s a problem.

To apply this to us humans and our Dharma, when you are on the wrong path, it stinks.  But when you’re on the right path, it’s great. So ask yourself: at your core being, who are you: Are you sweet? Happy? Passionate? An Activist?  How does what you do day to day influence this? Does is help you connect to your core being or distract you from it? The answer doesn’t appear overnight, but gradually becomes clearer.

10+ years of yoga, 5+ years of teaching, and I’m finally starting to unveil the distractions and chase dharma.

More soon.


  1. Love it, Lillian! I’ve heard the term “dharma” a lot but never actually knew what it meant. Time to do some thinking about my “core being”… Can’t wait to read future posts 🙂

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